There are many services and tools available to Technical Assistance (TA) Providers through this website. Meetings, roundtables, and webinars are the three main services provided by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ). You can request services by simply filling out a form and we will respond promptly.

OVW Corner

OVW Corner is an exciting space to connect TA Providers with the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). In this frequently updated section, OVW will share information pertinent to TA Providers such as questions asked by TA Providers with OVW's answers, information about OVW staff, new guidelines affecting grants, and more.

TA Updates

Stay current on important and newsworthy developments and activities happening within the TA community. These updates are for TA Providers by TA Providers. They include information about new providers, publications, project updates, and more. Please send us anything you would like to share about your project with other TA Providers so that we may post it here.

Supporting OVW TA Providers

The OVW TA Program plays a critical role in supporting the efforts of grantees and subgrantees to respond to domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking in communities throughout the country. As the number of OVW grant programs and grantees continues to rise, so do the challenges and opportunities faced by the OVW TA Program and its providers. To continue to meet the TA needs of this growing community, the OVW TA Program and its providers must work together to continually enhance the existing and changing landscape of TA.

As the comprehensive TA provider to the OVW TA Program, the NCJFCJ recognizes that the OVW TA community can bolster collective impact through common forums for discussion and change. Through activities such as all-TA provider meetings, webinar series, roundtables, and peer-to-peer meetings, TA providers are afforded the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other programs and organizations to develop a shared understanding of TA and practical strategies to improve delivery approaches to their unique and varied constituents. Designed by and for the OVW TA community as part of the TA2TA project, this website will facilitate the collaboration and communication integral to the continued strength and sustainability of the work of this project, the OVW TA community, and its constituents. In growing partnerships, strengthening relationships, and convening to identify promising practices and emerging trends, TA2TA projects such as this website will lay the foundation for better day-to-day realization of work on OVW-funded projects while generating a strategic plan and future vision for the OVW TA Program.