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Strangulation Series

Strangulation has been identified as one of the most lethal forms of domestic violence: unconsciousness may occur within seconds and death within minutes. When domestic violence perpetrators choke (strangle) their victims, especially to the point of unconsciousness, it is not only a felony but it may be an attempted homicide. Strangulation is an ultimate form of power and control that can have a devastating psychological effect on victims. The inability to breathe is one of the most terrifying events a person can endure. Civil attorneys need to understand strangulation for client interviewing and representation. This four-part series will... Learning objectives: · Describe the lethality of strangulation · Identifying the signs and symptoms of strangulation cases · Explain general anatomy and medical aspects in surviving and non-surviving victims · Investigating and documenting a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Strangulation cases · Legal aspects of strangulation cases with surviving victims · Developing and using experts in court · Advocating for traumatized victims

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This webinar is hosted by American Bar Association Fund For Justice And Education with support from the TA2TA Project through the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.