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Addressing Bankruptcy & Student Loan Issues for Survivors of Domestic & Sexual Violence (webinar series)

Part 1, January 16th: Bankruptcy & Alternatives for Survivors: In this webinar, Karen Tjapkes will unpack the bankruptcy process, share legal remedies and strategies, and walk through case scenarios in order to enhance individual survivor centered economic advocacy. Attendees will walk away: 1) More familiar with concepts in bankruptcy; 2) Able to identify when bankruptcy might be an option to address debt facing survivors; 3) Having explored the connection between bankruptcy and family law, identifying and discussing key strategies in case scenarios; 4) Equipped with unique or innovative practices from group discussion. Part 2, January 30th: Navigating Student Loans Solutions with Survivors: In this webinar, Persis Yu, from the National Consumer Law Center, will provide an overview of the student loan system, options and common issues for survivors, and provide in-depth strategies to get survivors out of default and into income driven repayment plans. Attendees will walk away: 1) Familiar with how student loans impact survivors and their families; 2) Able to issue-spot the kinds of loans survivors have, and potential problems; 3) Able to discuss the unique pitfalls or challenges survivors face when getting into income driven repayment plans; 4) Equipped with strategies to address challenges, from discussion and case scenarios. Faculty include: Karen Tjapkes, Director of Strategic Litigation and the West Michigan LITC, Legal Aid of Western Michigan Persis Yu, Staff Attorney, National Consumer Law Center

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This webinar is hosted by Center for Survivor Agency and Justice with support from the TA2TA Project through the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.